Chubby Fat Gay Man


Unlike a substantial number of gay men in the wider gay community who suffer from self-esteem issues because they do not fit an ideal muscular body type that many aspire to, fat gay men do not appear to have these concerns. The source of their sexual appeal lies precisely in their large body shape and weight.

Thus, many in the fat gay community do not have the bodily-based insecurities that many gay men outside the subculture seem to have. Because they are comfortable with their bodies, it is unlikely that fat gay men pressurize each other to conform to a muscle-toned body image that takes years of discipline to cultivate and maintain. This makes fat gay men, as a generalization, far more pleasant people to socialize with.

Fat gay men have helped to redefine what it means to be gay, both within and outside the gay community. Heterosexist stereotypes of gay men tended to portray most, if not all, gay men as feminine. Many gay men have turned this conventional image upside down. The hyper masculine image of the sculpted and gym-toned body that many gay men aspire to, have helped to do away with the image of all gay men as feminine men.

Fat gay men have gone further to challenge both idealized images within the gay community. In fact, the fat and chubby gay subculture emerged as a rejection of these images. Instead, chubby fat gay men accept their working class and rugged bodies as loveable and full of sex appeal.



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