Fat Chubby Guy


Fat chubby guys, especially older ones, tend to be favorites among members of the gay community. Young gay lovers of fat chubs indicate that most are fun to be with, that many knows the art of dating and seduction, and making whomever is in their company feel special.

It seems as if a big soft belly equates with a big loving heart. Many fat chubby guys are believed to be not only caring lovers, but also great to be friends with.

Watching fat chubby guy sex in pornographic videos tends to have a liberating effect on its mainly younger, sexually inexperienced, viewers. Watching fat chubby guys having sex with other men or women, who are themselves fat or skinny, is liberating in the sense that it destroys a cultural myth about fat people and sex. You do not have to have a muscular gym-toned body to enjoy your life, especially your sex life.

To younger viewers of chubby guy sex videos this is quite a revelation to see unfolding in front of their eyes. Seeing this for the first time helps them to get rid of a lot of pressure, for many young men and women feel insecure about their bodies. To some their bodies are too big, while others feel they are too skinny. To know that all types of bodies have sex appeal can be quite an uplifting experience.


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