Fat Chubby Gay


In several human cultures, fat and obese bodies have been associated with desired qualities like attractiveness, strength, and fertility. In early modern European cultures, obese bodies visibly signified a lust for life, appetite, and immersion in the realm of the erotic.

Chubby bodies are not extremely fat bodies, but holds similar connotations. In mainstream heterosexual pornography, the chubby woman genre has had a long-standing appeal among male viewers. As a sexual metaphor, chubby bodies also come to mean a spontaneous appetite for life, and the playful consumption of what life has to offer. In the imagination of its admirers, such spontaneity and consuming attitude translate into bedroom or sexual behavior. Chubby women, and by extension, chubby men in the gay community, are fantasized as possessing an unlimited sexual appetite for giving and receiving pleasure.

In addition, various other meanings related to fat and chubby bodies come into play. The softness and largeness of the body bring to mind characteristics of care and warmth. Their acceptance of their bodies indicate that fat chubby gay men gave scant regard for normative ideals of the muscular masculine body found among a large group of men in the gay community. It also shows rejection of the feminine gay man as an ideal to strive for.




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