Gay Chubby Chaser Chat

Most online sites catering for gay chubby chasers host chat rooms that allow members to have real-time conversations with each other. Chat room facilities are usually reserved for site members who have registered for more than a basic subscription.

Gay chubby chat room chat has its own particular sub cultural vernacular that is not widely known outside of the community. Apart from chubs and super chubs, there are also chub for chubs and chasers. Chubby networks are also known as Big Men's Clubs.

Recent surveys among online gay chat communities show that older gay men, some of whom are mature chubs and some who are not, tend to draw a lot of conversation from members of the gay community. A major reason for this phenomenon is quite simply that, apart from their experience, most are heaps of laughter and fun to chat with. A similar phenomenon appears at gay chubby gatherings and clubs: mature chubs tend to draw more young chubby chasers than what they can handle.

Many gay chubby chaser chatters associate chubs with warmth, wealth, security and prosperity. Some chasers prefer chubs as chat mates simply because gay men who are and look different to conventional images of gay men fascinate them.

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