Gay Chubby Chaser


Gay chubby chasers are primarily gay men who pursue a romantic and sexual interest in men with large and overweight bodies. Similar to heterosexual men who find large BBW women sexually appealing, gay chubby chasers find the rather large and oversized bodies a potent source of sexual stimulation.

Many gay chubby chasers are young men, with or without large bodies, seeking older bigger gay men. The belief is that older chubs are sexually adventurous and more experienced, offering endless pleasure to the admirers and pursuers.

Although there is some overlap between chubs and bears (large hairy men), chubs have their own distinguishable subculture and community. Many bars, organizations and social events specifically cater to chubs. This allows chubs from various backgrounds to socialize with each other and develop social networks.

Part of the appeal that large gay men have for chubby chasers lies in the latter's rejection of the muscled masculine body as an ideal to strive for. This is an ideal body image conventionally propagated by many within the wider gay community. Gay chubby men are people who accept their large body sizes and revel in its appeal for others. This is a personality trait valued as a sexual stimulant to gay chubby chasers.


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