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The sexual attraction to young teenage bodies has a huge following both within heterosexual sexual culture as well as within the gay community. The exuberance, inexperience, and freshness of youth itself are a source of erotic excitement to those who seek sexual or romantic relationships with both teenage boys and girls.

In the gay community, teenage gay boys tend to suffer a host of emotional and psychological issues having to do with coming out and body image concerns. Numerous  studies indicate that problems of eating disorders do not only affect heterosexual and many lesbian women. Many gay men, of which teenage gay boys form a large proportion, also have serious concerns about them not measuring up to idealized images of the ‘perfect' masculine body.

Gay chubby teens tend to have fewer hang ups about the shape of their bodies compared to others in the wider gay community. In addition, fantasies of their exuberant youth can serve as a dizzy sexual cocktail to their admirers. Older gay men who seek romantic and sexual relationships with gay chubby teens find the opportunity to serve as some sort of a mentor both socially and sexually significant. Many chubby gay teens form relationships with older gay men because they find it offers them a measure of security and welcome acceptance.




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